This design came to my view yesterday evening. As expected, the Dean asked the team to critique it. I was the first to speak and quickly expressed my view about the design. ‘There is no difference between the two and they are simply interwined’was my conclusion. Later on,curiousity got the better of me and I gave the design a cursory look for the first time. ‘There is something about this question’ I thought to myself. The next sane thing was to inquire about the subject, so I delved into a little research. Here’s what I found out : The two are very different.
When we hear the word hustler,what readily comes to our mind is the train of young boys and girls who sell gala,pure water,handkerchiefs,Tom Tom and not too cold soft drinks in the traffic or those who engage in what is perceived as tedious manual labour ‘the hausas who dig wells or gutters,porters in the markets e.t.c.
To everyone including myself these fellows are the true ‘Hustlers’ of our world. I believe I’m not the only one who has ever pitied and prayed for these persons at the realization that they merely made peanuts which is barely enough for their daily survival.
The heartbreaking part of the whole story is that ‘our gala boys and girls’ are not hustlers but mere ‘workaholics’. I believe the reader may feel what’s there in this little discovery. If you would be patient,my point will be visible soon enough.
As an Enterpreneurer,It would be disastrous if you tow the path of a Workaholic. Mind you,the workaholic is also known as a ‘Grinder’. ‘Then,what is the difference between the ‘two”. The difference is in the way they work. The Hustler works Smarter while the Workaholic works Harder. Don’t get it wrong here. I strongly believe Hardwork is the prerequisite to good success. But,I have come to realise like the Hustler that working smart pays better.
Let’s take a little illustration. There are two farmers,one uses an oxen to plough his land while the other resorts to a tractor. The gains are there for all to see. The tractor farmer spends lesser time, lesser energy and makes more money.
The truth be told, the difference between a grinder and workaholic is their movement. One moves to prove himself to others while the other is bent on seizing oppurtunities that grow his vision. One is concerned with being busy. But the last time I checked, busyness doesn’t equate to more profit. The words of Denzel Washington come to me at the moment. ‘Don’t confuse movement with Progress’.
To keep this piece short, here’s the gist of the story to all enterpreneurs ‘work hard but would advise you work smarter’. For the records,I don’t mean for you to engage in shady deals but a little more research and better branding of your business wouldn’t hurt. Or would it? Please don’t hesistate to join the bandwagon of ‘HUSTLERS ENTERPRENEURS’.

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