Medicine and Design : Two Peas in a Pod.

“Leave it better than you found it”
Bruce A. Nordstrum.

The role of a designer in today’s Branding industry can be likened to a Doctor or a Mid wife. A doctor helps birth children while a designer help birth great brands. Apart from the birthing process, both doctor and designer share another similarity. They heal or provide cure to a sickness. A designer is the physician of the branding industry. Businesses are the patients who needs help.
A visit to a quack or unqualified doctor will leave the patient much worse than they were in the first place before stepping into the clinic.
On the other hand, a good doctor will ascertain the cause of the patient’s illness,prescribe the right drug and carry out other healing processes. Thus the patient will be on his way to recover fully from his ailment.
Likewise,a designer is expected to be professional in his approach to solving the branding needs of clients. He is expected to ascertain the problems of the brand, proffer effective solutions and apply the solutions while being attentive to complications that may arise for the process.
Dishing out good designs that would meet the branding needs of a business is not a simple task. It is a rigorous process that should be taken like a Surgical operation.
The only way a designer can know he didn’t fail in his job is ‘If he leaves the brand outlook better than he met it’. Nordstrum’s words are the pivotal guide to any designer in his bid to resuscitate any brand from obscurity through Graphic Solutions.

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